MINI United 2012 Preview: Friends. Festival. Racing.

Just a reminder to get your tickets now for MINI United 2012 (in France, yeah, does anyone wonder how Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, and smart are taking the news?)

The ticketmaster link is up so you can buy tickets now:

From May 11th to 13th 2012, Le Castellet in France will become the dream destination of MINI fans worldwide. You can visit MINI’s social site, MINI Space for info, and the MINI YouTube channel posted a teaser video to show folks what to expect when MINI United 2012 kicks off..

You’ll be glad they include classics in there, indeed there are lots of them across the pond as well here in the states of course, but how many people are going to be shipping more than themselves overseas to attend a fair even of this magnitude? (Well okay, I suppose you could do it if you really wanted to and money wasn’t much of an object, heh, but if you were going to that much trouble you may as well just rent one eh?!)

Of course Miniology is the place to go for all the best coverage, we’ll keep you posted on all the MINI United goodness, and are working on getting live updates from people attending the shows and events, just like we did last time ( as I recall we and our sponsor MC2 Magazine were the only live Mini-oriented audio & video podcast to do this! )

We’ve always been about the people, the clubs, the fans, you know, enthusiasts, indeed this is the perfect event for us to partake in! Perhaps this year MINI/BMW will give us an all-access pass and set us up to cover the event properly.. (huh?) ..yeah they kind of dropped the ball last time, but you don’t need us to tell you about that 😉

It’s not often enough we get to see Norm Nelson wearing those interesting hats and his smokin’ hot wife Jess (can I say that?) doing interviews. Now that’s just good television.  Yeah yeah, speaking of video, you wanted to see that preview video again, didn’t you? Well, here it is: