MiniMania news: Pick-up Vtec project, joins forces with Mini Motors

Don Racine, over at MiniMania’s classic mini blog writes:

“The Mini pick-up that has been in the family for the last 20 or so years is now finally at the body shop for the first step on the road to being converted into a Vtec powered monster. I gave this pick-up many years ago to my first daughter to learn how to drive in (and get her first speeding ticket). She drove it a number of years until it was not big enough for a family, then it was handed off to my son who drove it as a daily commute car for many years. Finally it landed back in one of my garages where it has set for the last almost 10 years! It will not be rebuilt as a personal toy for use only (maybe).”

Editor’s note: That’s great news, Don! It will be nice to see something done with that little Mini pick-up. I remember Julie pointing it out just before one of the Mount Hamilton runs a few years back.. There it was, sitting in the garage.

In other news, Harvey Mendelson of Mini Motors (Santa Rosa, CA) announces a merger with Mini Mania, as he has decided to retire from the Mini business to spend more time with family. Harvey will assume responsibility for some strategic marketing for Mini Mania, Inc. as well as develop international sourcing consolidations. You can read more about this at this link.

Good luck, Harvey! We’ll miss you and those fancy bespoke Minis you’re always selling on Craig’s list. Congrats to MiniMania for winning the account.