MiniMania to resume production of classic Mini “Moke” variant!

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Based on the Mini, the Mini Moke was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Corporation. The name “Moke” comes from a british slang term for “donkey”. The Moke was originally intended to be light military vehicle similar to the American Jeep, however, due to low ground clearance and small wheels the Mini Moke never quite made it as an offroad vehicle. After it was apparent that the military wasn’t interested, the Mini Moke was marketed to civilians as a low-cost utility vehicle. As a beach buggy, the Moke finally found it’s niche in the United States, tropical resorts in the Caribbean, and Australia.

Originally built at the Morris factory in Oxford, the Mini Moke production line moved to BMC’s Longbridge, Birmingham plant, and eventually the production line was moved overseas. Production ended in 1993 after approximately 50,000 Mokes were produced between the UK, Australia, and Portugal manufacturing lines.

Now in 2008, the Mini Moke is once again being manufactured! Through an exclusive contract with the manufacturer, Mini Mania, Inc. has obtained the rights to sell the Moke in kit form, or as a partially assembled kit. Don’t let this new chapter in the Moke history go by without participating in it! Visit their site often to read about new products, events, and information about Mini Mokes!

This extensive Moke kit has been specifically engineered for the “hands on” enthusiast, who finds as much enjoyment in the construction as the driving. MiniMania suggests using a Mini donor vehicle for your build allowing straight forward transfer of the brakes, suspension, engine and gearbox. This will also assist when registering the vehicle as the logbook can be easily updated.

Each kit comes with everything listed below, along with indicator lamps, rear brake lights plus all bolts and fixings to build your kit. All these extras can be purchased from Mini Mania, Inc. either as parts or assemblies:

  • Brakes & Disc Drive Assemblies
  • Suspension & Shock Absorbers
  • Engine, Gearbox & Ancillaries
  • Headlights and Wiring Looms
  • Seats & In Car Entertainment
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Heater system
  • plus many more styling accessories

(note: MSRP about $10,000 for that)

A partially assembled Moke, built by craftsmen at Mini Mania, Inc. using all new parts. Each car is assembled using the “Build your Own” kit and also includes:

  • Genuine front brake disc drive assemblies
  • Genuine rear brake assemblies
  • Brake Master Cylinders, pipes, cables & handbrake assembly
  • Moulton Smootha Ride Suspension Kit*
  • All suspension arms including shock absorbers
  • Headlights and wiring loom
  • 13″ Moke Alloy wheels fitted with 165/65R13 tires

(posted MSRP about $13,000.. uh, guess you still need an engine, tax, and license, but what a project! just think your own brand new moke!)