Miniology 1962 Austin MKI project car “Bonnie” for sale?!

It always seems shocking, sometimes sad to let a car go. You pour your heart and soul (and several thousand dollars) into it, but after awhile, you know it’s just time to move on, or you want a new car, or you need to pay off the mortgage, put the money into another car, something.

Last year, we acquired the fading teal blue project car from a hayfield in Redding, California. The owner already had several Minis on site, and was putting his love and attention into a nice traveler that he was restoring, having just finished a sporty yellow Mini for the concourse, but not having the garage space or wife’s approval, he couldn’t hang on to the 2 rolling shells any longer. (yeah, I said 2– there was a white car that never made it to Miniology, unfortunately, he hauled it off before we could rescue it!)

Ideally, we wanted sponsors to come forward and offer help with the project, parts, repair work, paint, mods, etc., however, response was a bit less than what we expected.

Anyway, some $10,000+ later, the project car’s owner, David, has decided he doesn’t have the resources or time to put into restoring this car to its original beauty, so is reluctantly selling it off for someone else to take over. You can see pictures and videos of Bonnie here on Miniology, simply by searching for her name in the search box. There’s been a lot of goodies and work done since we last saw her, but in a nutshell he will let the car go to the best offer. You can reach David simply by commenting on this article, and your comments will be forwarded to him.

More details about the car will be posted to Miniology, forums, Mini Mania private sellers list, and to our photo albums on Flickr. If the new buyer is interested, we will continue to follow her history through Miniology Podcasts (or not..) 🙂

Update 3/2008: Dave decided to hold onto Bonnie after all (yay!) we will see more of her soon.