Miniology Events – Vegas Baby! (AMVIV 5 Pre-Show!)

Leeta Belle and Norm join Rob ‘Califzeph’ and Chris ‘StarLord’ of the Miniology crew to give you intimate details about AMVIV (A Mini Vacation In Vegas 5) events, what to do, how to prep your car for track days with Phil Wicks Driving Academy, and more! REME folks have their booth next to Sin City MINIs, and share lots of goodies you want to know. Miniology will cover the event with live video and audio broadcasts even better than last year! This mp3 podcast runs just over 30 mins streaming directly from our website.


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  1. Couple of things to throw at you in response to the podcast. 1st off, thanks for the kind words.
    The Shelby tour is only Monday through Friday morning.
    Red Rock is not the run you were talking about last year. We didn’t do Red Rock last year, you’re thinking of the Valley of Fire.
    We aren’t trying to break the Guinness record for MINIs/Minis because of the rule about 2 miles of driving together, and because we don’t need to have EVERYTHING.

    The poker run has no trivia questions. You get a set of directions to 5 locations, at each location there is someone to give you a playing card. When you have your 5 cards, you head back to Palace and turn in your hand. The top 3 hands and the worst hand win prizes.

    The Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas is hands down the best free show in town (after dark).

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