Miniology T-shirts, going fast!

Tshirts! Going fast!

We haven’t printed up new shirts for 2008 yet, but this is what we have left for the original Miniology design:

Black, shortsleeve, Gildan T-Shirts:

Women’s M (2)
Men’s M (2)
Men’s L (1)
Men’s XL (2)

My cost to produce the shirts are $9 each. I can give you shirts on one of the runs, or can mail them to you, generally around $3-$4 unless you want them FAST hehe..

I am happy to take cash (if you see me at a MOASF or REME run, I frequent these two clubs the most, though have been known to appear at NorCal MINI or Maverick runs!) or.. you can use PayPal (I give out a special email address for this, privately) Just use the comment link on the bottom of this post to let us know you need your Miniology swag!

Christopher ‘StarLord’ Calhoun

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