Miniology T-Shirts

Hi Miniologists!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for the black Miniology t-shirts lately, so I thought I’d post the information here 😀

I have black Gildan t-shirts in most women and men’s sizes. This is what they look like:

Front Design – outline 2007 and 1959 model

Back Design – JCW GP and John Cooper Garage’s Sportpack model

If interested, please send me a comment to this posting or message from the contact page, with the quantity and sizes you would like.

Cost varies on the size of the shirt, $10 for most, $15 for larger sizes. Extra $ given to us will be used to pay our webhosting fees.

We can either ship them to you (at cost) or have you pick them up on a run. West Coast people can get them from myself or Rob ‘Califzeph’, and East Coast folks can get them from Rich ‘Romeo Mike’ — please give us some advance notice in case we don’t have your size on hand!

We’re considering doing another run of shirts and hoodies, perhaps white or some other color, as interest persists.. comments, suggestions anyone? One idea I had was to swap the artwork, so the front ‘checkerboard’ is the back and the back ‘text’ appears on the front.. what do YOU think? Let us know!

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