Miniology TV: LaLa Does MOT!

Miniology InfoBabes LaLa and Jessica report from Minis On Top

8 Replies to “Miniology TV: LaLa Does MOT!”

  1. I hope everyone who attended had a great time and all who couldn’t, likes the video and hopefully I’ll see you at the next one!

  2. Thank you for that LaLa….You interviewed me just before the drivers meeting…….I am one of the “founding fathers” of this great get together…..73 cars in the 1st one back in ’03….and it’s turned into one giant family…..all sharing the love of Mini’s….
    Yay…….Motor on!!

  3. great video La La, nicely edited with the voice of La La and tunes of La LaRue and oodles of minis to drool over too 🙂 what a awesome day that must have been for everyone!

  4. I def should because my MINI has such low mileage! I’m 6,000 miles under where I should be right now but I’m not good with long trips. I get cranky when I have to drive long! lol who knows though… I’ll put it into consideration!

  5. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun … always a good time!! Video came out great … peace love MINI

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