Miniology TV: Mini Meets West: The Road To Penticton Part Deaux

Norm, Jess, Bob and Linda (Wasn’t that a 70’s porn movie?) report in from British Columbia on their way to Mini Meets West 2010. Beautiful photos by Denise Mueller!

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2 Replies to “Miniology TV: Mini Meets West: The Road To Penticton Part Deaux”

  1. The “kid” you refer to is Denise Mueller’s 10 yr old son Daniel Boever who joined us along with his mom on the Penticton, BC and MMW run. For about a day and a half he rode in MiniMe with Linda and two of the days he was my navigator as I led the bunch to Port Angeles, WA.

  2. I want to shout out to the Great folks from Victoria, BC MINI. We met up with a couple black MINIs coming off the ferry on the BC mainland. At one intersection I asked if they we going the same way as us and they were thrilled that they had met up with us as they said they had been following our journey on! So this goes out to Daniel & Anna (who will be getting married in Ontario, Canada on July 31st) and to Martin & Ricki. I drove one of their demo cars, a non-S new Clubman and it was pretty nice. Both Martin & Daniel drove ’05 MCS that Daniel has decided to name the “Blue Angel”.

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