MINIUSA officially closes down Motorby program

[from MINIUSA insider email, as you know StarLord was one of the lucky Motorby participants. You can see him interacting with the billboard on an earlier Miniology episode]

All Technologically Advanced Good Things Come To An End.

Well, it’s time. At the end of December the Motorby boards will come down. And we want to thank you for your participation and for your comments and feedback on the program. Through the technical hiccups, construction obstacles and random acts of lightning, your participation and enthusiasm never flagged. It is because of you that these innovative ideas are possible.

Unfortunately, due to these outside influences, MINI USA has decided not to roll out the Motorby program to all MINI Owners. So this makes you extra special. In the meantime, hang on to your key fobs, they make good key chains.

Here’s what some of you have said about the boards:

“Very cool. Took pictures of it and laughed for days.”

“When it worked it was really fun to drive by and see a personalized message. It was like being in on a secret and no one else on the road got it.”

“It was a fantastic idea. I got a little frustrated waiting for the San Francisco billboard to be relocated. But I really liked the new location. It was very suitable for picture taking with the sign.”

“Definitely fun. It makes owning a MINI a very special sort of thing, a special ‘club’ if you will. Apart from the car itself, this is the sort of thing that makes owning a MINI so cool! As more ‘premium small cars’ arrive in the marketplace, you’ll need to do more of this to keep your share.”

So once again, thank you. Stay tuned for more uniquely MINI ideas.

Let’s Motor.®