MMMT – Sunday morning report

We got up at the crack of dawn (well, before that actually!) to meet up with our fellow Mini Motorists for a beach bonfire and run through San Francisco. The weather was foggy and miserable, so our British cars felt right at home! About half way through the run though, things cleared up. Head on over to our Flickr page to view some of the pics from this morning (and the past few days as well) — that said, if you post to flickr, be sure to tag your photos with MMMT so that other folks can find them! 🙂

MMMT Photos here!

Anyway, 6:00am found us gathered at Ocean Beach across the street from Beach Chalet and down the road from the famous Cliff House, Windmill, and other sights. Several of the old timers reminisced about Playland at the beach, which is now just a memory, while the rest of us had “breakfast” (bagels, donuts, coffee served by the SF Deli caterers, same folks that put on the “bbq dinner” last night (some chicken, ceasar salad, tri-tip, beans, dinner rolls, and drinks were extra..) With all the great food available in San Francisco, several people found good food elsewhere, but for those that just wanted to hang out, this was adequate fare to grub on.

At well after 7:00 the run started and up we went up to Twin Peaks, basically following MOASF’s Sunrise Tour in reverse, throwing in Coit Tower, and dubbing it the ‘Steve McQueen Memorial Run’ (ok, who got to drive bullet? let’s see those pics!)

StarLord will be editing a video taken during the run with all the classics, what a hoot! I have about an hour of footage and need to edit it down to highlights, but it should give folks that missed it a good sampling of what they missed.

Right now, REME and the MMMT crew are making their way down to Woodside to meet up for lunch at the Mountain House (off Skyline Blvd.) before heading up Highway One and then back to Treasure Island. If I’m lucky, I’ll have the morning’s photos uploaded and video edited and posted to YouTube before then, but who knows, this may take longer than that 🙂

Hope everyone is having a total blast and look forward to seeing folks at the end of the road.

Rob (Califzeph), Kat, Leeta, Rob (the other Rob!) are out in force doing even more photos and video for Miniology, be sure to say Hi if you see us out on the road or at the Miniology booth!

Christopher ‘StarLord’