MOASF Rally Against Cancer 17-Nov-2012

Yes, the Mini Owners of America, San Francisco chapter ( will present the Rally Against Cancer on November 17, 2012.

The event is open to all vehicles (not just classic Minis!) and starts at 8:00am sharp, beginning at the Marin headlands just across the bay from San Francisco, via the world-famous landmark Golden Gate bridge, of course, but hey, if you are coming from points North, you can still take the Highway 101 and meet everyone there, or from the East, you can head over the Richmond-San Rafael bridge and work your way over… Coming from the West, well uh, what are you going to do, sail a boat?

I don’t have a specific starting or ending address, so you will have to do some sleuthing to find it, but this should be very easy: It will be starting just past the Marin Headlands Visitors Center on Bunker Road. Got it?

So, bring your $30 cash or check I gather will be fine. It’s a $30 entry fee per car, the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. The drive ends up atop the lovely Mount Tamalpias, which is said to be formed in the image of a sleeping maiden, her breasts facing upwards to the sky (hey, I don’t invent this stuff, it’s the local folklore!) but then I guess my brain is stuck on the thought, but hey I didn’t get much to go on for this event, so just coming up with stuff to say. Uh, it’s not a breast cancer rally, just cancer in general, so wearing one of Expression Graphix “save the boobies!” shirts is optional.

Back to the details. You can register from this URL here:

There’s going to be food and prizes given out at the conclusion of the rally. No idea what that is going to be, but I am sure well worth it. MOASF always goes all out and gets some cool swag and such for their events, so make it a point to do something really cool, donate to charity, have fun cruising your car with a bunch of fellow enthusiasts, and end up at a sweet place for a picnic. What could be better? Weather? Of course. Generally this is interesting-weather season, so your mileage may vary (hah, a bit of a pun there!) If it rains, ah, so much more for the enjoyment of it all, really, this one is fun regardless if it’s snowing (though it probably won’t, not here in summer-year-round California!) and this event will happen rain or shine, really, the roads aren’t muddy or rocky so you can take your garage queen or daily driver, bringing your fully-equipped rally car may be overkill, though fun for everyone to look at for sure.

If you would like to join-up with the event or gather some more information, feel free to visit the MOASF website at:

or email the event person-in-charge, by writing to Jessica Upton, jmupton @ (no, I will not make that clickable, you are going to have to copy and paste it, this is to help avoid the spam bots grabbing the address, just take the spaces out from around the @ symbol and it will work fine!)

(By the way, there will be tents up if it is raining, so you can stay as dry as possible!)

Well, that’s all we got, oh, except for the lovely picture which came from a PDF at the MOASF site, just shrunk it down to fit the blog article better (yes, you can click on it!) and saved it as a JPEG. Oh, the joy of modern technology! Hope to see you there, and can someone give Chris (aka StarLord) a ride from the Peninsula? Anyone? Hmm?