Moorland & Coastal Mini Adventure 2007

Yeah, I know it’s old, but then I don’t keep in better touch with me friends across the pond. Here’s some Mini eye candy for you, now that weather is getting better we’ll be having more runs to go on and video, like these…

Stage 1 of 2007 Moorland and Coastal Mini Adventure, arriving at Dalby Forest. Its a tight squeeze into the car park as the field intended for parking was flooded from the heavy rains of that weekend.

Part 2.. Video filmed at Forge Valley and Scarborough during the Moorland and Coastal Mini Adventure 2007

Part 3.. Mini’s climbing during the 2007 Moorland and Coastal Mini Adventure 2007. Location Stage 3 Hackness to Silpho Hill Climb – Visit for more info on the run and Mini vids, pics to follow..