MTTS ’08 Registration Now Open

If you are inclined to take part in Mini Takes The States: The Sequel, registration is now open at:

As you know, this time it’s not going to be a cross-country roadtrip, just a few select weekend events, ticketed at $20 per person at each location (or more in person), and some sort of coverage by our friends at White Roof Radio. Miniology has offered to cover this with MINIUSA as well, still waiting to hear back about media access for the event.

Theoretically, one could make a road trip out of it, making use of the Miniology/MC2 Magazine events calendar to coordinate their journey across the states.

You would start out in Miami, June 13-15th, go up to Boston, June 20-22nd, take a break somewhere between then make your way toe the event in Chicago July 25-27th, high-tail it to Los Angeles for the August 1-3rd event, hang out for a month or so and meander up to San Francisco for the big Magical Mystery Mini Tour (MMMT) September 5th-7th.. though it isn’t an official part of Mini Takes The States, there’s already over 500 people confirmed going so you don’t want to miss that!

We’ll keep you up to date on both events.. er.. all 5 of em.