MTTS 2010 Details Released!


Bi-annual event kicks off from five cities with auto cross events and road rallies to MTTS.

26 March, 2010 ~ With the official release of preliminary information on MINI Takes The States 2010 released today, MC2 can confirm what we have suspected for some time. MINI Takes The States will be held August 13-15 with Denver, Colorado as the event headquarters.

Although the official event takes place the second weekend of August, MTTS 2010 actually kicks off the week before with a series of informal rallies starting from 5 different cities around the country — Atlanta and New York on the East Coast, Chicago in the Midwest, and Los Angeles and San Francisco on the West Coast. At each starting point, MINI owners will gather to participate in auto-cross events and organize themselves into convoys. They will then depart their starting cities and MINIs from each coast will head for Denver. As it is currently planned, the Atlanta and New York rallies will begin on 6 August, with Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco rallies starting on the 7th. New York, Chicago and Atlanta rallies will most likely converge at Kansas City and convoy enmasse to Grand Junction, Colorado, where they will meet up with the West Coast contingent for the big drive to MTTS HQ in Denver. Los Angeles and San Francisco rallies will join forces in Salt Lake City, Utah and then drive to Loveland. The entire group will arrive in one huge caravan in time for the official opening of MTTS activities in Denver.

Held in Conjunction with MINIs In The Mountains

The same weekend that MTTS is being held in Denver, MINI5280 is hosting their annual MINIs In The Mountains (MITM) just 70 miles west of Denver, in Winter Park. Obviously, with two MINI events being held at the same time in the same general area, conflict betweent the two is possible. Not this time. We’ve learned that MINI USA and MINI5280 have been working together to coordinate the two events, with some activities being held in conjunction with one another. The end result is that this August promises to be one for the MINI Memory Books.

If two events “for the price of one” isn’t enough reason to consider driving to Colorado this summer, how about a peek at the all new MINI Countryman. In a most unusual move, MINI USA is bringing along a number of pre-production all-wheel drive Countrymans so that the MINI community can get a hands on look at the latest addition to the MINI family. This is unprecedented for MINI, and a great chance to see the Countryman up close and personal long before it hits the dealer show rooms. MINI is introducing the Countryman to the general public and media at the New York Auto Show this April 2-11. Production for the Countryman is slated to start this coming August in Austria and it should be on the showroom floor at US dealerships very early next year.

Of course, the release of preliminary information on MTTS doesn’t have all the details. MINI USA is still working on the details and promises to post the latest information starting in May on the MTTS website (