MTTS 2010!

The MTTS 2010 event ideas started leaking out the last two weeks, and as another US site has released an overview (jumping the MINI embargo) we thought we would release some details. The MTTS 2010 is in Denver, Colorado, August 6-8, so you might want to make a week of it and stay over into the next week for MINIs In The Mountains ( The general thesis is to have drivers start from major metro cities as that’s where the larger clubs are, so look for starting points in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Baltimore/DC, Chicago/Indianapolis, and the convoy lead by MC2 from Seattle/Portland. Both classic and new Minis will be cared for. It looks like we’ll start on Monday, August 2nd. Maybe we’ll make a scavenger hunt of the drive?
MC2 and its advertisers would like to organize a charity event with the local Mini/MINI clubs that Friday night, so look for news on a karting event or the like where we can help a local organization raise funds to cure a very local need.