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Kat “MiniPenny” reporting in from her weekend in LA-LA-Land…

Hi Gang!

Well I’m back after a fun weekend in Los Angeles with some super cool people. Here’s a mini (haha) summary of what I did at MINI Takes The States this year:

– drove down to LA after work at 7pm arrived at 1:30am. my company had a “prom” that evening so i missed it due to me and minipenny’s desire for roadtripping!
– one of the main reasons i went on the roadtrip is that divorce became official last monday. whoo hoo!
– checked into the Quality Inn in Pasadena. got to witness a “Shaneequa” type hoochie-mama who was quite entertaining and made me weary of the hotel, until i saw quite a few MINI’s parked in the lot. (and they turned out to be the phoenix peeps! yay!)

– met up with some of the motoring underground crew to caravan to the rose bowl. nice group of guys. one of them, Joseph, had the cleanest MINI I’ve ever seen besides David’s (see PW/B pic)
we were there before the official MINI USA caravan so we hung out and got our swag, walked around, etc.
– they gave us a travelogue book like in ’06 but it was thinner and the stamps you had to collect were kinda lame (one for each carnival area/major sponsor–see next line)
– the even was set up like a big carnival for families with games, rock wall, concert, etc. on the parking lot of the rose bowl in Pasadena. the best thing was the autocross but it was small.
– did an In-n-Out Burger run since there wasn’t any Sonic out here and it is LA after all!
– ran into a bunch of ppl from 2006 MTTS: Fireball Tim, Barry from MC2 mag, Traci from BSSP, Jim (main photographer and video for MINI USA), Todd from Whiteroofradio (interview) and the MTTS ’06 event coordinators.
– hung out with Hubie (engine builder) and his peeps, including Jason who tuned my chip in ’06!
– i was lucky to have Teresa find out from JC that I was going and then she happened to see me drive in!
– after hanging out all day, we went to the Santa Monica pier for dinner and stroll around the boardwalk and beach. perfect weather and really nice.
– getting back to the hotel was fun–Adrienne’s friend, Sushi, and I were racing down the freeways to get back, took a couple of nice on-ramps at high speed and then ta-da, flashing lights! i thought for sure i was busted. but, the 2 bike cops stayed by him and he had to pull over so i kept going. after about 5 minutes, we get the call that they let him go FREE! 🙂

– woke up late and missed the morning run (that i was passing flyers out for the previous day)
– they had a free bbq for event attendees and soft-serve ice cream that was pretty great for that day
– got my chip checked out and raised my red-line to 7500rpm. 🙂
– decided that we would do the run and got peeps together–5 cars total–and drove up to Mt. Wilson Observatory. very cool.
– said goodbyes at the gas station and drove back straight to SF. 353 miles in 5h15m.

There’s a pic of a few of us on the MTTS LA Sunday highlights:

Happy Motoring!

P.S. This weekend REME is hosting a run up North that ends with ice cream. I may or may not go as I haven’t been home much. Please email me for more info or go to: REME

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4 Replies to “MTTS Los Angeles”

  1. You would actually eat a Sonic burger over an IN-N-Out??? Argh!

    Nice write up other than that.

  2. haha thanks. i probably should have explained better–in-n-out was rarely available in MTTS 06 so i had to settle for sonic, thus it became my nickname. so to stick w/ the MTTS theme i looked for sonic.

    anytime i’m in socal i have to have in-n-out!

  3. The do have them all over now not like when I was a kid and there was only, maybe, 10. Pasadena was one of the early ones. I think tey have 180 stores throughout, CA, NV, AZ and Utah.

    When Mrs Snyder died we all worried the place would be over sold and go to merde but so far so good.

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