NorCal Locals Head To Canada For Mini Meets West

Pat Kaye sent us this message:
We’re all pretty excited down here in California Mike. Denise Mueller from Carlsbad, CA, just north of San Diego (with her 10 yr old son Daniel) & I start our trek on Wednesday morning from the north San Francisco Bay Area will be driving north about 350 miles up to Arcata, CA where we meet up with Norm & Jessie Nelson and Bob & Linda Wilson who will be driving over the mountains from the east.

We’re taking extra time to cruise up the NW US coast and entering Canada via the Black Ball Ferry from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, BC. Should be a great time! I know Norm plans to do a SKYE report on our journey and during your event in Penticton and the spectacular Okanagan Valley with Rob Saunders on every day.

Pat Kaye
Novato, CA, USA

Here is more info:

Well time flies by and we are now just over a week until MMW2010 starts up
in Penticton. It looks like the weather should be great (77-80F or 25-29C),
so bring your suntan lotion and get set for a great time.

Just a reminder that the registration room is located in the Merlot room
done the hall to the right of the elevators. Someone should be in the lobby
to direct you to the room. Registration will be open from 3:00pm until
7:00pm on Monday, and then on Tuesday from 8:00am to 10:00 am on the field
(in the band shell) at the car show in Gyro Park, just across the street
from the hotel. Please have your party come to the registration room so we
can have you pick up your registration packages, memorabilia and goody bags
and sign our insurance waiver.(Everyone participating in the event is
required to sign the waiver according to our insurance guys!) We will also
have sign up sheets for times for the autocross, funkhana, and sheets for
the rally, and evening drives sign ups so we have an idea of the numbers. We
will have a limited amount of golf and tee shirts for sale as well as the
option to purchase the Group photo that will be taken on Tuesday after the
car show.

For those of you that want to ‘freshen up’ after the journey, there will be
a car wash are with some hoses and supplies near the loading bay of the
hotel, courtesy of Richard Ford and his Elk Lake Certigard business. Got to
be all polished up for the Car Show sponsored by Mini Victoria!

A reminder that there will be a specific area for Mini only parking right in
front of the hotel on the left side. Any non Mini cars or tow vehicles will
have to be parked in the multi-story parkade on the right hand side of the

Have a fun and safe trip out to Penticton.. looking forward to seeing you

Mike Smith
MMW2010 Organizing Committee
c/o 1849 Francisco Terrace
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8N 4W2

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  1. Rob,

    We are all ready to broadcast along our journey north to Penticton. We will call in each nite with updates and “tales from the trail”. Our first nite, JUne 23 we will broadcast from Brookings OR, Thursday we will call in from Newport OR, then Ocean SHores WA, and on to Victoria BC Canada. Then we arrive on Monday in Penticton BC for Mini Meets West 2010. We will be covering all the events and activities, with photos and video.
    Here is a link to the Facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=343271841088

  2. Denise Mueller accompanied by her son Daniel(West Coast Minis – San Diego area) & I head out on this journey tomorrow morning. Since they’ve never been up the coast north of the San Francisco Bay Area, I plan to lead them through the Avenue of the Giants en route to our meet up point in Arcata, CA. This is a stretch of some of the most spectacular redwood groves still remaining. The road parallels US Hwy 101 for about 31 miles. Denise should love it in her Cabriolet!

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