MINI at Auto Shanghai 2007

BMW Press Release

Munich/Shanghai. The new MINI continues its worldwide triumph. At the 12th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition – or Auto Shanghai 2007 for short – the new MINI Cooper will be the central focus of the brand’s presentation. The new generation of the MINI is now causing a stir in Asia’s growth markets, thus again confirming the global popularity of the fascinating brand MINI. In the Chinese business metropolis of Shanghai, MINI also presents another facet of its characteristic combination of driving pleasure and youthful lifestyle from April 22nd to 28th: the MINI Cooper Convertible, the world’s only premium category vehicle to offer driving pleasure for four people under the open sky.

With its completely renewed design, which nonetheless represents an evolutionary development of its essential features, the new MINI Cooper will be presented to a Chinese public interested in both stylistic originality and pioneering technology in equal measure. The new MINI Cooper is powered by a completely newly developed 1.6 litre 4-cylinder engine with 88 kW/120 bhp. In conjunction with the 6-speed automatic transmission – which is standard on the Chinese market – it accelerates to 100 km/h in just 10.4 seconds and has a top speed of 197 km/h. Its average fuel consumption is 6.7 litres.

The second highlight at China’s most tradition-steeped international automobile fair is the presentation of the MINI Cooper Convertible, whose 4-cylinder engine delivers an output of 85 kW/115 bhp from a capacity of 1.6 litres. The MINI Cooper Convertible is supplied in China as standard with a continuously variable CVT automatic transmission. The open-top four-seater accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.2 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 182 km/h. Its average fuel consumption is 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres.

With the new MINI Cooper and the MINI Cooper Convertible, two vehicles will be at the centre of attention in Shanghai which not only have fascinating charisma and uniquely agile handling to offer but also lasting value. The two models lead a ranking list published by the German automobile magazine “Auto Bild” based on the value retention of all motor vehicles available on the German automobile market. With an estimated resale value of 70 per cent and 69 per cent respectively after a period of three years, the MINI Cooper Convertible and the new MINI Cooper won the title of “World Champion 2007”.

MINI Motorby keyfob arrives!

Yes, a little plastic bubble of radio-controlled goodness arrived in the mail last night. It is my official MINI motorby keyfob which magickally controls the billboards across the nation, broadcasting custom messages to all who, well, motor by it! Here’s pics and details, direct from the ingenious minds at MINI and BSSP who created the campaign:

This is the box the motorby keyfob came in.

This is the box, opened.

Instructions? We don't need no stinking instructions!
This is the little instruction thingy that came with it.

Don't take pictures when you're drunk!
Here’s a closeup image of the thingy with my MINI keychain (yeah, that’s a classic Mini Cooper keyfob from John Cooper garages in UK, and a Mini-sized pewter statue of Yoda ‘judge me by my size do you? size matters not!’ etc).

REME Lighthouse Tour

Rob (aka Califzeph) serves up a music video (no narration, just video b-roll and a nice tune in the background), from the 3-day Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiast’s “North Coast Lighthouse Tour” 2007. Enjoy!

Press the white ‘play’ triangle in the image below to view the movie. Please wait a few seconds for the stream to start!
[flv: 320 182]

Solely produced and narrated by Rob Saunders / The Electric Crayon for – background music “Far and Away” by Caron Vikre, is copyright by the respective owner(s) and used by permission.

AMVIV 4 Video Diary

Hi, AMVIV folks!

Rob’s video, remixed and edited down with new music for your pleasure..

Rob “Califzeph” Saunders brings us his experience while at “A MINI Vacation in Vegas 4” in Las Vegas, NV. Covering 5 days of activities, his AMVIV 4 video diary includes numerous activities that he attended, hundreds of MINI/Minis and tons of comradery.

Press the white ‘play’ triangle in the image below to view the movie. Please wait a few seconds for the stream to start! This is formatted for Video iPod but presented in Flash Video for online streaming.

[flv: 320 240]

Solely produced and narrated by Rob Saunders / The Electric Crayon, post-production editing by StarLord, for – background music (by iLife) is copyright by the respective owner(s) and used by permission.

A bit longer and well, edited different, Rob’s original AMVIV 4 video is here..

[flv: 384 256]

In addition to the videos here, Miniology will have live audio and video broadcasts throughout the AMVIV event.

Be sure to stop by the Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts (REME) club booth and say “hi!” as well pick-up information on the MMMT event this summer in San Francisco!

VA based MINI/Mini clubs poised to break world record! will definitely be there to cover the event.

Simon from River City MINI’s ( posts:

Hello from Virginia Beach.

Most of you probably know that the world record for the most MINI/Minis in convoy, and verified by Guinness, was broken recently in Blackpool England. They had 269.

On JUNE 10th 2007 three MINI/Mini clubs will come together to attempt to break that record and bring it to the US. We invite all to attend and encourage those who cannot to find some MINI/Minis to attend in their stead.

Se7en Cities MINI, HR Club MINI and River City MINIs from Richmond will host this attempt. All proceeds from this event will go to the Families of Fallen Navy Seals. MC2 is getting behind this as is Corporate MINI. We need all owners to get the word out and spread the info.

Our Goal is 300+ MINI/Minis. The event will start at 3pm on Sunday the 10th of JUNE. We will Rally at the Virginia Beach Amphitheatre. The Local Police will block our route and the Seals will assist in getting participant info, VIN#s etc required by Guinness at the start point. A local Irish Pub, Conklins Irish Rover, Family owned (owner is a retired Force Master Chief) will host the after event festivities and Entertainment is scheduled.

Any Help, Suggestions are welcome and we hope to see as many as possible attend. Info at,

Clubs from as far north as Pennsylvania are expected to participate. Let them know if you plan to join in so they can get somewhat of an idea before the record setting day!

We’re gonna roll this MINI convoy, cross Blackpool bay. Convoy…Convoy…

BMW Press Release

On the evening of Wednesday 28th March, 269 MINIs illuminated Blackpool and set a new Guinness World Record for the longest MINI convoy in the world. Owners travelled from as far as Croydon and Cardiff to be part of the historic two-mile route and help raise cash for Comic Relief.

The record was previously held by the Vancouver MINI club when in 2004 they brought together 195 new and classic Minis.

The parade was organised by MINI dealership Derek Woodman.

James Rashid, MINI Brand Manager at the dealership, said: “We really wanted to do something for Comic Relief this year and the ‘longest MINI convoy ever’ seemed to fit the theme of ‘The Big One’. We never imagined it would become this big! Hearty congratulations to my team for pulling it off and thanks to all the MINI owners for making it happen!”

Live from AMVIV 4 (A MINI Vacation In Vegas) – Daily Update – Sat

Saturday, Sunday

Chris and Rob chat about the Saturday itinerary at AMVIV as well Rob brings us closing coverage from The Palace Station hotel at AMVIV4 in Las Vegas.

Saturday, Rob worked at the REME both, turned his uncle on to MINIs, then took the more adventurous route off the Valley of Fire run. Later that evening, he went for the high priced banquet and tried in vain to win something at the raffle — some folks we knew did win some cool goodies — we then finally realize Rob never got his MINIOLOGY cards in time (thanks, US Postal Service..argh) and continues to talk about the new friends we’ve made over the long weekend. Our own Norm Nelson (REME) won a prize for the 2004 model. Rob chats with the WRR guys and Mark Ferguson from NAM forums. Alice motors down the strip while Rob sits back, havin’ drinks, smoking cigars, and what-not.. we might still be a bit tipsy from the festivities because we get kinda silly midway through the call.. More news from UK and Rich coming soon, well shoot, here listen in for yourself:


Really looking forward to Rob’s video and photo albums coming!

As with all podcasts, if you went to AMVIV this year and would like to share your videos, photos, etc. for inclusion in our upcoming vodcasts, please send us a message. Cheers!