Fireballed! SeminarBQ2!!!

This just in..

Fireball Tim is having a SEMINARBQ2 and CAR SHOW at his STUDIO SHOP on Saturday, July 21st. Get in on the fun with a Double Seminar, BBQ, Raffle, Crazy Car Show, Pinstriping, Graphics Demos and about 100 MINI enthusiasts!

Hope to see you there!
details here:

Fireball Tim Lawrence
Fireballed! Studio Shop
18900 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90504
310 921 6000

Mini Mania Honored to Participate in Track Day in Japan

[Press Release from Mini Mania ©2007 MiniMania Inc., Don Racine]

Mini Mania was honored with an invitation to the 30th Anniversary celebration of Nicole Racing Japan at the Fuji International Speedway in Japan on June 29th, 2007. Don Racine, president of Mini Mania shipped the Mini Mania track car and participated in the festivities at the speedway.

Nicole Racing’s 30th anniversary celebration was a customer appreciation event featuring BMW, Alpina, and the MINI. Special demonstration laps were taken by each marque with Don Racine and the Mini Mania endurance MINI Cooper S race car representing the MINI marque.

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Miniology T-Shirts

Hi Miniologists!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for the black Miniology t-shirts lately, so I thought I’d post the information here 😀

I have black Gildan t-shirts in most women and men’s sizes. This is what they look like:

Front Design – outline 2007 and 1959 model

Back Design – JCW GP and John Cooper Garage’s Sportpack model

If interested, please send me a comment to this posting or message from the contact page, with the quantity and sizes you would like.

Cost varies on the size of the shirt, $10 for most, $15 for larger sizes. Extra $ given to us will be used to pay our webhosting fees.

We can either ship them to you (at cost) or have you pick them up on a run. West Coast people can get them from myself or Rob ‘Califzeph’, and East Coast folks can get them from Rich ‘Romeo Mike’ — please give us some advance notice in case we don’t have your size on hand!

We’re considering doing another run of shirts and hoodies, perhaps white or some other color, as interest persists.. comments, suggestions anyone? One idea I had was to swap the artwork, so the front ‘checkerboard’ is the back and the back ‘text’ appears on the front.. what do YOU think? Let us know!

Miniology 6 – Mount Shasta run, Britain on the Green pics!

Califzeph (r.saunders) just sent us some b-roll from this year’s Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts run to Mt. Shasta! There’s no narration, but the video certainly speaks for itself — Lots of fun out-takes in this one with the REME crew. Norm celebrates his 29th birthday, people dancing, a visit to Norm’s super garage (as featured on, and more..

Then, we have little slideshow of photos taken by Romeo Mike (r.mcgowen) from the 10th Anniversary Britain on the Green car show, which took place April 29th.


[flv: 320 182]

(press the white triangle to stream this video directly from our site!)

A Mini Weekend In The Motherlode – PREVIEW

Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts club will be hosting their annual AMWITM (A Mini Weekend In The Motherlode) August 2-5, 2007. This little video clip by our own Rob Saunders (aka Califzeph) showcases some of the fine history, flora and fauna you’ll be sure to see along the way!

[flv: 320 182]

For more information please visit the REME club website at:

MOASF British Car Show, Vinyl Styles interview

Hey Miniologists! Here’s the latest from our roving camera.. some footage from the MOASF 17th Annual British car show, and a little interview (well, more of a show off my car segment) with Vinyl Styles, makers of that black de-chroming process and those cool “OH SH*T!” decals we saw all over AMVIV!

[flv: 320 182]

PS: You do know how to play these by now? 😉