MINI Collection goes to Cannes Filmfestival 2007

I can’t read German, but this looks cool, so I thought I’d post the link…

If I get a decent translation I’ll post that.. so far Google translator really butchered the text ;P

Anyway, there’s a bunch of pictures of German film stars that I don’t recognize, perhaps they have something to do with the MINI Urban style collection or MINI films or what-not..


Press Release

Torrance, CA. May 29, 2007 MINI USA has renewed its motorsport racing development program with Southern California’s extreme tuning house, FIREBALLED! RACING, signing a 5 year deal through 2012. FIREBALLED! will continue the build-out of its MINI race programs through a number of upcoming TV, internet, mobile and multi-media platforms and event venues.

With the launch of the new 2007 MINI Cooper and Cooper S, MINI USA is exploring a variety of areas to expand and strengthen the MINI brand via the sport compact market and race venues. With this agreement FIREBALLED! is uniquely positioned to help build and grow MINI’s visibility in the tuner and motorsport community through FIREBALLED!’s integrated divisions. These divisions involve racing & performance, promotional activities, design, merchandising and entertainment projects and feature Hollywood movie car designer and TV personality Fireball Tim Lawrence, along with tuner extraordinaire Hubie Fuh to assure the continued successes of the past two years.

Project Mini – it begins

Yesterday, my co-worker David V. (aka DJ Dav, Ozbot, others) acquired his first Mini. This is a 1962 Morris Mini, exported from New Zealand (I am not sure all the details yet), it was sitting in a guy’s field for some time before we rescued it and another Mk1 shell in pretty rusty condition. It was sold as ‘drivable’ though with Minis, that’s kind of a “I wonder how much mileage we will get out of that” statement. Here is an excerpt of some communications with the seller, who we shall keep anonymous unless they otherwise say it’s OK, and a short story about our journey home..

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NorCal MINIs founder Eamon Kerley passes away

(from NorCal MINIs member announcements)

Dear NorCal MINIs Members,
I’m so sorry to tell you that one of our club founder – Eamon Kerley passed away on Saturday (May 12th) from a massive heart attack. He was on the go-kart track when it happened. Eamon was a good friend and was always there to help. He will be missed. The memorial will be on this Friday (May 18th) at 11am at the Fry Memorial Chapel, 550 S Central Ave, Tracy, CA.
If anyone would like to go as a group, we will meet in Pleasanton in the McDonalds parking lot at I-580 and Santa Rita (just east of intersection) 10am.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eamon’s family.
NorCal MINIs

Eamon will be sorely missed. I remember glimpsing his distinctive smirk that seemed to non-verbally say “we’re motoring” to you — with a gleam in his eye, talking to everyone about their MINIs, he was unpretentious and easy to approach, and left you feeling touched by a striking passion, as if your world view suddenly got bigger and more interesting.

Miniology expresses our sympathy to NorCal MINIs and his family for their loss. The club is survived by organizer Carol W., run master Larry P., and webguy Dennis F.

REME Marin Headlands run

Rob (aka Califzeph) serves up another video report from the Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiast’s run through the “Marin Headlands” — we stop at the Nike missile base (decommissioned) then head up Hwy 1 to Nicasio for dinner. Enjoy!

Press the white ‘play’ triangle in the image below to view the movie. Please wait a few seconds for the stream to start!
[flv: 320 182]

Solely produced and narrated by Rob Saunders / The Electric Crayon for – background music is copyright by the respective owner(s) and used by permission.