Episode 14 – Minis and Miatas

The Santa Rosa group of MINI and Mini owners brave dusty backroads, meeting up at Napa’s Lake Hennesey. We join Delta Miatas taking in wine country drives to Mary’s Pizza Shack for lunch! Yippee!

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Six action-packed viral videos featuring young Hollywood talent to debut over the next month

New York, NY – Following a number of mysterious appearances on movie screens and billboards across the country, today MINI USA finally offered an answer to the burning question: Who are “Hammer and Coop”?! MINI USA officially unveiled the project – a highly stylized series of web-based films about a new action hero (“Hammer”) and his souped-up sidekick (“Coop”) – on the website http://www.hammerandcoop.com

Each webisode promises action, adventure and intrigue, and is sure to keep online audiences riveted to their computer screens. All six films, which will be rolled-out over the next month, were directed by Todd Phillips (Old School, Starsky and Hutch) and starring actor Bryan Callen.

The first two “webisodes” of the viral series debuted online today to coincide with the launch of the new 2007 MINI. Over the next month, the following four will be released – in addition to a mock music video for Asia’s “Heat of the Moment,” a popular 80s song featured in the last webisode of the series. All of the films were approached with the same level of enthusiasm as any Hollywood endeavor – hiring a cast and crew of over 70 people, including top actors, a world-famous director, and professional stunt men. From February 22 through March 23, cinema trailers will be showing in nearly 1900 theaters nationwide.


Episode 13 – Rear Camber install (Classic)

StarLord has SRACER product install the adjustable rear camber brackets on his classic Austin Mini Cooper. The complete DIY process is shown, along with informal discussions and creative ways to deal with rusty bolts! In the middle of the show, Ming Lai (the famous movie star and TV personality) drops by! Cool bit of classic car tech, 12 minutes long.


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MINI United 2007: Zandvoort

MINI United 2007: Zandvoort to become centre of the worldwide MINI fan community.
courtesy BMWAGMunich/Amsterdam. The countdown has begun: after the overwhelming success of the premiere in 2005 in Misano, Italy, preparations are now getting underway for the second MINI United Festival. The meeting place for thousands of MINI fans from all over the world this time round is the Circuit Park in Zandvoort, near Amsterdam, Holland. The international MINI community will be descending on this venue for three days from June 22nd to 24th 2007. Under the motto “Friends. Festival. Challenge”, spectacular driving events will be held and an exciting supporting programme organised. Among other things, MINI fans will have the possibility to drive their own MINI on the race track, and famous DJs and live acts will help create the festival-like atmosphere. A racing weekend with the German MINI CHALLENGE will provide the sporting climax of this unique lifestyle event.

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Episode 12 – Across the Pond

In this episode, we see a clip from the UK’s Northern Minis Moorland and Coastal #2, get a quick peek at East Coast correspondent Rich’s Innocenti Mini, and watch highlights from the San Francisco International Auto Show, where we ran into president George W. Bush (shh, don’t tell anyone it’s really look-alike John Morgan). The show ends with footage of environmentally-friendly Obvio, smart, and others.


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