Epsde 8 Part 3 – Mini Takes The States

Fun from Monterey to Santa Barbara! Interviews with Fireball Tim, Gary from MC2 magazine, Mini Fini, and the MINI-based tech squad MAKE IT WORK. StarLord reflects on how awesome Mini Takes The States is, and you get to see highlights from the first leg, all widdled down to this 10 minute vodcast. Enjoy. For some reason iMovie lost some of my (music) audio tracks!? Yikes! Such as life, there are some moments of awkward silence in this episode.


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Episode 7 – MTTS Preview

In this light-hearted episode, StarLord opens up his Mini Takes The States kit and shows you what MINIUSA sent everyone partaking on the “road trip to end all road trips” rally! This is followed by quick tips (useful for all runs) how to apply the window cling (ok, that wasn’t hard). The new “Italian Job” featured electric MINIs. StarLord acquired a pimped-out electric MINI and shows some of its features. Unfortunately, he crashed into both cars with it! Yikes! What will happen next?


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Motoring Sicily

From the YouTube archives, here’s Rich “Romeo Mike” on location with his 73 Innocenti Mini 1001. Video taped in Sicily, Italy. He’s testing out his new video camera, driving through Sicilian Traffic.. showing us pics of the Mini. We pulled this video from one of his earliest posts, you should be glad there’s background music, otherwise you’d be hearing these two guys talking throughout the whole thing.. ok nothing wrong with that, mind you, and he does credit the songs used in the show notes (used by permission under ASCAP/BMI license). Anyway here’s the video: