REME Runs Again!

MS-REME Highway 36/Fortuna Run July 12-13

The Mt Shasta Chapter or Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts are hosting a “Highway 36-Fortuna” run on Sunday July 12 which will include an overnight stay in Eureka and depart Fortuna July 13 to Red Bluff via Highway 36. Some of the BEST Twisties on the Planet!

Sunday morning will stage at J’s Market in Old Shasta about 9:00 am.

Plan to run 299W with a potty stop in Salyer, then hit 101 North to Trinidad for lunch at the Eatery. (Best Clam Chowder around).

There will be a wine tasting in Ferndale before evening meal, and hopefully a group Motel in Eureka.

Breakfast on Monday morning, then head East on Highway 36 to Red Bluff, for either a late lunch or early dinner.

Check the REME Calendar & RSVP there.

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  1. Yeah Baby!!!! Let the good times roll. This should be a blast.

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