Sierra Nevada Mini’s On Parade!

This just in from Vance at Sierra Nevada Minis:

The Sierra Nevada Mini Cooper club intends to enter the Nevada Day Parade this year. The parade will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2010. The theme this year is “100 Years of Aviation in Nevada.”

We have decided that we will dress up our MINIs as Mini Bi-Planes and are in the process of constructing prototype wings and tails our of corrugated plastic and metal coat hangers. We hope to have a suitable prototype soon that we can use to build custom wings for each of our cars that will be in the parade. Our intent is to either match as closely as possible the body color of each car or to just go with white (like most of our roofs). With that in mind, we will need an inventory of the MINIs that intend to participate in the parade, along with the body color of your car.

Due to the expense associated with constructing the wings, plus the entry fee for the parade, we will be asking for a small fee to offset our costs. We haven’t set an amount yet, but we expect it to be around $10-15 per car.

Please let me know as soon as possible, but no later than August 31, if you intend to be in the parade with us.

With your help and participation, we hope we can continue our tradition of winning an award at the Nevada Day Parade.