Slap some sense back into a counterfit MINI buyer

Screenshot from CCC siteAh yes, the creative minds at MINI have come up with yet another fun toy for your  evil twin to have its way with. Wrought with British-humour style (or perhaps three stoogies style) slapstick.. well, look for yourself.. this text comes from the email you can send to a friend:

“The Counter Counterfeit Commission would like your help in slapping some sense into a MINI Counterfeit victim … Thank you for doing your part. The CCC”

Have you seen this? It’s an interactive flash video animation, when it loads your cursor becomes a hand. This guy stands in front of a car which vaguely resembles a MINI (because it has a contrasting roof color, mirrors, bonnet stripes, and driving lights)

I’m not usually one for gratuitous comic violence but hey. It’s funny! You can vary the range and force of the slap as well make the poor guy wince by getting close to (but not actually..) slapping him.

For those that haven’t seen the Counterfeit MINI  site before, you can view the main site of this “organization” by clicking here.