Swipe a MINI from Grey Eagle Casino

Win a MINI at Grey Eagle Casino (Calgary, Alberta)Great, just when we think the Winter is over and Spring has finally arrived, down dumps about another 20cm of the white stuff upon us, but hey, if you venture out in the cold smushy stuff you could up your chances of grabbing a MINI thanks to Grey Eagle Casino and the local Calgary MINI dealership (aka Crowfoot).

Yeah, all you have to do is walk up to the front desk and swipe your Grey Eagle casino card — if you don’t have one yet, they are free, and you get a few perks o’course for joining.

If you’re not into gaming bingo or gambling, they have a nice all you can eat buffet, gift shops, and one of the few area bars to serve such tasty heavy non-Canadian brews I like, such as Guinness (yay, Grey Eagle Casino!)

Nope, neither Crowfoot or the casino are a sponsor of Miniology, but they sure as heck should be 😉

Grey Eagle Casino is located at 3777 Grey Eagle Drive in Calgary, that’s about where Glenmore Trail SW meets 37 street SW, and MINI Crowfoot is located at 650 Crowfoot Crescent NW, that’s just off .. well, North of 1, West of QE2, if you need directions and don’t have a GPS or what-not handy, just call them at (403) 275-6464.