The arrival of StarLord’s 1968 (MkII) Morris Mini

[filmed Sept 15th 2007]

A special report, some behind-the-scenes video showcasing the arrival of StarLord’s “new” MkII at Miniology HQ. Here we see the 1968 Morris Mini riding in the auto transport trailer, carefully backed out, and a very happy Christopher standing by as he puts it into his garage for the first time! Yay!

Cameos by Calvin Reeves-Copeland (who we last saw in the SF Auto Show video), Doug the auto transport guy (who we also gave a free Miniology T-Shirt!) and some background voiceover by Renee and Joan Reeves.

We’ll be seeing more of this beautiful original car in a future episode, for now, enjoy this brief (4 minute) little interlude..

[flv: 320 182]