MINI debuts Winter tire program in the UK

MINI’s Winter Tyre Programme helps motorists cope with the worst that Jack Frost can throw at them. “Avoid dice on the ice!”

With average British winter temperatures dipping below 7°C, this winter MINI is dedicated to helping drivers stay on the roads, regardless of weather, with its Winter Tyre Programme.


All MINIs are fitted with summer tyres as standard, providing excellent levels of grip, acceleration, braking, comfort and fuel economy in normal road conditions. Summer tyres operate best at temperatures above 7°C. However, once the Great British Winter sets in and air temperatures drop to near freezing the rubber in summer tyres hardens, detracting from the summer tyres’ performance. And in true wintry conditions of snow and ice summer tyre performance is even worse.

MINI’s winter tyres have been specially engineered to operate much better than summer tyres at temperatures below 7°C. MINI’s winter tyres contain more natural rubber in their compound and a different mix of silica as well as featuring special grooves. This allows them to retain flexibility at much lower temperatures.

Research has shown that the difference in breaking distances at 60mph in wet conditions under 7°C on summer and winter tyres is a whopping 4.8m (so says Continental tires).

Being safe doesn’t mean having to compromise on style; MINI’s winter wheel and tyre packages come in steel or alloy rim designs. A set of winter wheels and tyres is available from £560 RRP per set — a far safer option in the colder months — price includes steel R12 wheels with 175/65R15 84T’s and one set of wheel covers, VAT, but not including the fee for fitting them on. For an extra 30 quid you can store your summer wheels at the dealer until it’s time to swap them out again!