ZIPPEESHADES Pass The Test In Hot SoCal Sun

This past week we took a trip in the Mini to Southern California. Along the way, I had a chance to test out the newest product from ZippeeGear, the ZIPPEESHADE.

Zippeeshade is a sunroof shade custom fitted for the Mini Cooper. The Zippeeshade is easy to install, fitting nicely in the recessed areas of the front and back sunroofs, providing complete sunlight blockage inside the cabin.

The visible part of the shade is black to match any interior, and the topside of the shade is a silvery reflectorized material that repels the sun.

The Zippeeshade comes in a compact carry case that stores the shades when not in use. The shades in the case are small enough to fit in the door pocket of your Mini, or in the storage pouch behind the front seat.

When in use, the Zippeeshade attaches to your glass via very strong suction cups that hold the shade securely in place.

An added benefit to having Zippeeshades is that you can also attach them to the side windows of your Mini while parked, blocking light, heat and prying eyes. You might want to order two sets of Zippeeshades so that you can have complete protection!

Zippeeshades can be ordered for all models of Mini Coopers, 2002 and up.

Our Zippeeshades performed flawlessly during our vacation, keeping the Mini nice and cool inside from the hot Southern California sun.

Zippeeshades are available from the manufacturer’s website, I highly recommend them!