Mini Winter Rally 2010

Reporting from the scene is our contact, guY romagnali in Switzerland — he is with Daniel and Cumali, who organize the Mini Winter Rally.

These are just very short teaser videos, but you can view more videos (including footage from last year’s Mini WInter Rally and IMM) on his YouTube page! 😉

Impressed with the coverage from Miniology thus far, he shares with us current news: A whopping total of 46 cars are registered from all across Europe, and the rally will start this Saturday. Here we have two short behind-the-scenes videos for faithful viewers, a “making of” — what we are seeing is shot directly from the interior of their MINI while they are preparing the road-course turn-by-turn maps, and you will see a quick shot of this year’s roadbook cover as well.. enjoy! You can see that the driver (on left) is driving the road-course while the navigator (on right) is checking over the maps — this is the sort of preparation needed to make the event a great success for all the participants..

Video 1 – Mini Winter Rally The making of the Roadbook 2010 (Part 1)

Video 2 – Mini WInter Rally The making of the Roadbook 2010 (Part 2)

More videos and pics coming soon!

So you can get an idea of the turn out for these events, here is a quick video showing a pan of last year’s run group – cars from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, and elsewhere — 36 cars in all — look at all the classics in the snow! Looks like a lot of fun eh?

Video 3 – 2009 Mini WInter Rally (participants)

For more video snippets from last years rally (including lots of starting footage with Minis in the snow) check his YouTube as previously mentioned 😉